Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does each Resident have their own personal Care Plan and how often is this reviewed?

Yes, a basic Care Plan is established during a respite or assessment stay. On becoming permanent a full written Care Plan is established which details the individual’s needs and interests. Care is delivered based on these assessed needs. The plans are reviewed regularly or if the individual’s needs change. These reviews are made involving the Resident and, with the Resident’s permission, with their family.

Q2. Can I keep my own doctor?

If a new Resident lives locally their own GP will continue to provide a service. However, in some instances if a Resident is outside a surgery’s catchment area, it may be necessary to change GP’s. We are in the catchment area for Park Surgery which we use most often. A Resident can however, request to be registered with Courtyard Surgery, Riverside Surgery or Orchard Surgery.

Q3. What does a new resident have to bring with them?

For a short term respite or assessment we suggest that a resident brings sufficient clothing for their stay or assessment, toiletries and medication to last at least the length of their stay. For residents coming in for assessment we suggest that they bring medication to last longer than two weeks especially if we may need to arrange registration with a new GP. Bedding and towels are provided by Heathfield but a resident can bring their own if they prefer.

Q4. Can I bring my own possessions, furniture, television, plants, photos etc?

Yes. We do provide furniture but if you prefer your own, this can be arranged. We do ask that you bring your own television although we do provide temporary ones for short stays. We encourage residents to bring photos, pictures and personal items to make them feel at home.

Q5. Can I have a telephone in my room?

Yes. We can let you know if there is a current line in your room and the last known number. You will have to arrange for the line to be activated and any numbers transferred to the line.

Q6. Can friends and family get to the home easily?

Limited parking is available in the car park at the front of the home. If the car park is full some parking is available in the lay-by in Pinehurst, which runs alongside the home. You can park in Pinehurst without a permit daily except between 2 pm and 4 pm. During these 2 hours you will need to ask the Care staff for a parking permit (scratch card type) to display in your car window. Alternatively, there is a car park at Horsham Hospital which is pay and display weekdays, but free at weekends.

Q7. Are there assisted bathing facilities?

Yes, we have two specialised tilting/Jacuzzi baths. All Residents are assisted to use these facilities. Assistance is given based on individual requirements.

Q8. Can a Resident get up and go to bed when they want to

Yes. Residents are given the freedom to get up and go to bed whenever they wish

Q9. Will a family member be advised if a Resident is taken ill?

We retain details of the nearest family member on file and will contact them in the event that a Resident is taken ill. For minor illnesses such as colds or urine infections, we will not usually contact family, but will update the family member when they visit.

Q10. Do my family have to do my laundry?

No. We provide a laundry service. However, if a Resident has a garment that needs dry-cleaning we will arrange this at the resident’s expense. We do ask that all items of clothing, bedding, towels and flannels are given to staff to be ‘tagged’ with our laundry buttons when they come into the home so that we can ensure to return these to the right person.

Q11. What communal areas are available in the home?

We have a dining area with tables seating up to 4 people. There is a lounge with a large screen TV which is put on at the request of Residents. The lounge leads onto a light, spacious, air-conditioned conservatory, where Residents can sit quietly or welcome their visitors. The garden is large, well-kept and has seating for Residents to sit out during clement weather. Residents often like to take a stroll around the garden which has handrails for their safety.

Q12. Is alcohol available to Residents?

Residents can have alcohol and this is made available to them, all that we ask is that staff are notified should you keep this in your room

Q13. Can Residents smoke?

Heathfield is a No Smoking home and smoking is not permitted inside any of the premises. However, we do provide an outside smoking area for our staff which can be used by Residents.

Q14. What security measures have been taken to keep the home safe?

Rooms are fitted with a fire-resistant door, which has a door closer activated when the alarm sounds. Each door has a thumbnail locking mechanism, so they can lock their room from the inside. Residents are offered a key to their room so that they can, if they wish, lock their room when they go out. Where Residents do not want to have a key, and they leave the home for a time, we will lock their room, at their request, until their return. A master key is held securely for use by Care staff if necessary. Our front door is kept locked using a keypad entry system and the code to the keypad is only given to staff. CCTV is installed to the front of the building. Each room has a lockable drawer or cabinet and Residents pocket money and small valuables can be placed in the Administration Department’s safe. A receipt will be issued for any items placed in the safe.

Q15. Is there a call system whereby Residents can call for assistance at any time?

Yes, each room is fitted with a call system which a Resident can ring. A member of staff will attend the Resident and give assistance. Each call unit is also fitted with an emergency bell. When this is activated attendance by Care staff is immediate. Call systems are also fitted in all WCs, bathrooms and showers. Each resident is also allocated a call pendant to wear around the home, for their safety.

Q16. Is there good wheelchair access and lifts?

We have ramp access to the side of the external building only. Some parts of the internal building require access via a few steps, but we have stair lifts to these parts of the building. A passenger lift is available.

Q17. Is there a choice of menu for each meal?

Yes. A choice is offered daily for breakfast, lunch and supper. Special diets are catered for. Menus are displayed on the residents notice board.

Q18. Can a Resident eat in their room?

Residents have the choice to eat in their rooms but are encouraged to use the dining room

Q19. Can a Resident’s visitor have a meal at Heathfield?

Yes. It is helpful if we are notified in advance and a small charge of £5.00 is made.

Q20. What if a Resident needs a drink or snack between meals?

A Resident can ask for a drink or snack at any time.

Q21. What activities and entertainment is provided?

In house activities are provided by our Activities Co-Ordinator and these can include bingo, quizzes, crafts, colouring, painting, flower arranging, puzzles and games. We have external entertainers and activity providers at least twice a week, these include, for example, a harpist, singers, musicians and gentle exercising. Residents are regularly asked for their views on entertainers and activities and these are displayed on the Residents’ notice board monthly in advance. We celebrate Residents birthdays including a birthday cake. We arrange resident outings for example garden centre visits or pub lunches. A communion service is held monthly for any person wishing to participate

Q22. Does Heathfield provide dentist, opticians, chiropodist, hairdresser visits?

We have regular visits from such approved external services including domiciliary dentists and opticians. We have a hairdresser who visits weekly and a regular chiropodist. Residents can request their own specific professionals should they prefer.

Q23. Does Heathfield provide newspapers?

We have an arrangement with Shelley’s Newsagents for them to deliver newspapers ordered by Residents. The newspapers are delivered by our Care Staff to the resident’s room. We collect payment for the newspapers on a weekly basis and pay the newsagent. The delivery charge is not charged to residents.

Q24. Can relatives / family help with activities?

Relatives and family members are welcome to help or participate – this is always appreciated.

Q25. Can children visit and can visitors bring pets?

Yes – both are welcome. We just ask that they are well behaved please and that pets are kept on a lead if necessary.

Q26. Are there Regulator Inspection Reports available i.e. Care Quality Commission?

Copies of the latest inspection reports are on display on the Front entrance notice board and the Administration Managers office. These are also available via the CQC website.

Q27. What should I do if I have a complaint about the home?

Please refer any complaint initially to the Care Manager or the Administration Manager. If you are unhappy with any response you can ask for your complaint to be referred to the General Manager. You can also contact the Council (for funded residents) or the local Government Ombudsman

Q28. Is Heathfield a profit making organisation?

No. Heathfield is an Exempt Charity operating on a not for profit basis. Our Accounts are published in April each year and a Resident or their representative can ask the Administration Manager for a copy.

Q29. Does Heathfield use temporary/agency staff?

It is not our usual practice to use either of the above unless it is vital to the level of staffing e.g. to cover unexpected sickness or emergency leave. We have a team of dedicated staff, who are well trained. Our staff turnover is low thereby ensuring continuity for our Residents.

Q30. Does Heathfield have a waiting list?

Yes. If rooms are not available or a potential Resident is “not ready yet” they can go on the Waiting List. When vacancies occur, we contact those on the Waiting List to advise them. We do not remove people from the waiting list unless we are asked to do so.